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Dan Lepinski

Dan Lepinski

Solar Energy & Power Engineering Consultant
Dan Lepinski
North Richland Hills Texas
Timezone: America/Chicago

Dan Lepinski is a true pioneer in the solar energy field.

Dan has been professionally involved in solar energy for more than 40 years. He lived "off-grid" with his family in Wisconsin for eight years, with solar and wind energy the only sources of electricity. Dan's 2400 square-foot all-electric Texas home today is equipped with solar electricity, solar hot water, and numerous energy efficient steps that yield an average $48 monthly utility bill.

Dan spent several years on the Technical Editing Staff of Home Power Magazine (a publication focused on renewable energy, alternative transportation, and energy efficiency). He was on broadcast radio for more than five years, with three years as weekly co-host of Mother Earth News Radio, a nationally syndicated radio program on the USA Radio Network and select National Public Radio stations.

Dan is one of 68 voting members of the UL 1741 Standards Technical Panel, a group of internationally selected experts and specialists vetted by UL for the purpose of authoring the UL 1741 Safety Standard for the solar energy industry. UL 1741 serves as the primary equipment Safety Standard throughout North America, and as a template for other safety standards around the world.

Dan is an active member of the Solar America Board for Codes and Standards, the Electric Power Research Institute “Smart Grid” Development Committee, and participates on the Solar Energy Industry Task Force that interacts with the National Fire Protection Association for the National Electric Code, NFPA-70.

As a member of the Curriculum Advisory Boards for the Dallas and Tarrant Community College Districts, Dan recommends classroom coursework related to energy conservation and renewable energy.

Dan's most recent tenure was that of Senior Engineer at Exeltech, in Fort Worth, Texas, where he was tasked in late 2001 with envisioning the state of the solar energy industry over a 15 year span, and guiding the development of new products to fit that vision. He successfully predicted the rise of a niche market for microinverters, which in 2013 yielded net sales in of $250 million USD, and are forecast to attain an international volume of $1 billion USD by 2017.

He now owns and operates his own solar energy and power systems consulting firm, with an international base of clientele.

Dan was recently honored by the State of Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association with a Special Achievement Award for Excellence and Accomplishments in the field of Solar Energy.

Known nationally and internationally throughout the solar energy industry, Dan has a unique talent for discussing complex aspects of solar energy and energy conservation in plain English, understandable by all.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Myths and Legends of Microinverters and Other DC Power Converters for Solar Energy Presenter
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