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Highlights from the California Energy Commission's Staff Report "Renewable Power in California: Status and Issues"

Thursday, October 27, 2011 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT  
Host: Solar Electric Power Association

In October, SEPA will host a webinar about the findings of the California Energy Commission's staff report on "Renewable Power in California: Status and Issues." This report was drafted as a preliminary step toward creating a strategic plan to increase the development of renewable generation and transmission infrastructure in California. The webinar will focus on the solar-relevant issues explored in this report including the current status of the market, including renewable energy goals and current status, and the various challenges (permitting, environmental, transmission and distribution, grid-integration, and others) that are facing the market. We will hear highlights of the report findings including current efforts to meet the challenges presented. Register now to gain insight into the future of California's advanced solar and renewable energy market.

Speaker: Suzanne Korosec, Assistant Director for Policy Development, California Energy Commission
Cost: Free to SEPA Members and Media (subject to verification); $199 Non-members
Target Audience: All utility, solar and policy stakeholders working within or interested in the California market.


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