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Solar Installations: Financial Benefits Are Not Without Risk

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 12:00pm - 12:45pm EDT  
Host: Travelers
By: Eileen Kauffman, Director, 2VP Renewable Energy Practice, Travelers Renewable Energy

As energy costs trend upward, businesses are turning to solar - resulting in one of the fastest growth rates the industry has seen. While the benefits of this renewable technology are well-known, some of the risks may not be as broadly understood.
The purpose of this webinar is to help business owners understand the risks that may be involved with the use of solar power.

Our presenters will discuss risks associated with commercial and utility scale solar plants. Topics will include:

  • Design considerations:
    • Roof access
    • Fall protection
    • Protecting the roofing material
    • Structural
  • Exposure to others:
    • Third-party liability exposure for contractors and property owners
    • Contractor and subcontractor selection
    • The importance of risk transfer
    • Effective planning with the fire department
  • Importance of inspection and maintenance:
    • Inspecting for degradation and breakdown
    • Monitoring and inspection technologies
    • Contingency planning


Eileen  Kauffman
Eileen Kauffman

Director, 2VP Renewable Energy Practice, Travelers Renewable Energy

Eileen R Kauffman leads the 2VP Renewable Energy Practice and Center of Expertise for Travelers.

Engages business unit representatives to coordinate and direct comprehensive products, appetite and underwriting standards for Renewable Energy business.

Engages various service representatives, such as Risk Control, Claim and Operations, to ensure a comprehensive approach is in place for managing information between underwriting and these service organizations.

Provides support for individuals ranging from senior management groups through field underwriting staff across all Business Units underwriting Renewable Energy business.

Responsible for analyzing consolidated underwriting and production results for Renewable Energy and collaborating with business unit leaders and COE to drive stronger results.