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PV SOLAR ROOF RACKING: Current Issues and State-of-the-Art Solutions

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 4:00am - 4:45am EDT  
Host: Definitive Solar Institute
By: Brian Taliaferro, Product Manager, SOLON Corporation; Nico Johnson, Field Marketing Manager - Americas, Trina Solar; and Yann Brandt, President & CEO, Braya Solar Group

Co-hosted by the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing (CEIR), this webinar will focus on current issues and state-of-the-art solutions for PV solar roof racking, with a particular emphasis on the professional roofer and installer perspective.

Webinar moderator Yann Brandt, President and CEO of Braya Solarwill introduce the solar roof racking study group formed by the CEIR and will lead a panel discussion with two industry experts, Brian Taliaferro, Product Manager for SOLON Corporation and Nico Johnson, Field Marketing Manager - Americas for Trina Solar.  The panel will review historical problems solar systems have caused roof owners and then demonstrate past and present racking solutions.  They will discuss solar racking for different types of roof layouts, but the webinar will have an emphasis on commercial scale and flat roofs.

Although the webinar is designed for solar installation and developer professionals with experience or interest in the 25kW-2MW system range, it is open to all and is FREE.


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Brian Taliaferro
Brian Taliaferro

Product Manager, SOLON Corporation


Brian Taliaferro is a Product Manager of SOLON Corporation, responsible for SOLON's SOLquick™ commercial rooftop system. With his prior experience in system design for the commercial and utility-scale markets, Brian brings a focus on driving down costs of the entire system installation process from system design to installation labor, while maintaining SOLON's reputation for high quality and reliability. SOLON Corporation is located in Tucson, AZ, where it is a leading provider of solar solutions for commercial and utility-scale applications.  Prior to joining SOLON in 2010, Brian held roles in project design, planning, and commercial land development.

Brian holds an engineering management degree and MBA from the University of Arizona. 

Nico Johnson
Nico Johnson

Field Marketing Manager - Americas, Trina Solar


Nico Johnson is Field Marketing Manager (Americas) for Trina Solar (TSL), an industry leader in solar module manufacturing. Trina Solar's products provide reliable and environmentally-friendly electric power for a growing variety of end-user applications worldwide. Nico's responsibilities include new account acquisition, product integration, and segment marketing. He leverages over 6 years of solar project development and product sales experience to aid clients in accurately assessing product requirements and appropriately positioning Trina for success.

Nico holds an International MBA from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and is fluent in Spanish.

Yann  Brandt
Yann Brandt

President & CEO, Braya Solar Group


Yann Brandt serves the solar industry as a consultant to the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing and sits on the board of the Rooftop Integrated Solar Energy certification program. As an advocate for solar policy, he played an instrumental role crafting Florida’s net metering and interconnection rules and speaks to State legislatures annually about enhancing solar energy policies.

As the President and Chief Executive Officer of Braya Solar, Yann drives the growth and direction of the company. Being a co-founder of AGT, a company which successfully worked as a distributor, developer and on EPC of solar projects, Yann found an opportunity to create a consulting and project management firm which continues to lower the project costs while representing the PV system owner. Ensuring the needs for risk, bankability, longevity, schedule and budget of the project are met, Braya’s leadership delivers customized project solutions to developers and investors.

Yann holds a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University.