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Straight Talk: PVAC Modules - The Newest Generation of Grid-Tied Inverters

Thursday, April 21, 2011 11:00am - 11:30am EDT  
Host: Definitive Solar Institute
By: Dan Lepinski, Senior Engineer, Exeltech

Join this introduction to "PVAC Modules", to learn about the features, advantages, and benefits they offer to solar installers and customers over micro-inverters and centralized inverter systems.  Our presenter is Dan Lepinski, Senior Engineer at Exeltech.  Dan has been involved in solar energy for 39 years, including living for eight years off-grid.

NOTE: The recording begins with slide 1.  The introduction was not recorded.


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Dan Lepinski
Dan Lepinski

Senior Engineer, Exeltech

Dan Lepinski is a true pioneer in the solar energy industry.

Dan has been involved in solar energy for 39 years; the last 10 as Senior Engineer at Exeltech in Fort Worth, Texas. Exeltech manufacturers inverters for grid-tied solar energy and other applications. (Grid-tied inverters convert solar direct current into household alternating current that in turn connect the solar energy to the public utility grid.)
He lived "off-grid" in Wisconsin for eight years, with solar and wind energy as his only sources of electricity. His Texas home today is equipped with solar electricity (connected to the utility grid), solar hot water, and a host of energy efficient steps.
Dan spent seven years as a member of the Technical Editing Staff of Home Power Magazine, and three years as co-host Mother Earth News Radio, a nationally syndicated program carried on the USA Radio Network and select NPR stations. He occasionally still co-hosts the show when his schedule permits.
As a member of the Curriculum Advisory Boards for both Dallas and Tarrant Community College Districts, Dan advises on coursework related to energy conservation and renewable energy. He is also Adviser to the North Texas Renewable Energy Group, North Texas Chapter of the Texas Solar Energy Society. With a unique talent for discussing complex aspects of solar energy and energy conservation in plain English, Dan has been conducting public presentations on energy conservation and solar energy for more than 20 years.


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