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Key Lessons Learned from the Fact Finding Mission to Italy for Utility Decision Makers

Thursday, July 14, 2011 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT  
Host: Solar Electric Power Association

Register at the SEPA Web site: http://www.solarelectricpower.org/events/webinars.aspx

Join us in discussing the various lessons provided on the week-long Fact Finding Mission to Italy. During this SEPA mission, a group of U.S. utility delegates met with key utility, industry, government, T&D and solar stakeholders and received insights into how Italy market players are adapting to explosive the growth of solar power in Italy. Hear about their challenges, how they are being met and what this means for U.S. utilities.

Italy’s solar market, spurred by incentives, has grown at an incredible rate (from 87 MW in 2007 to >5 GW in 2010). A generous Feed-In Tariff led Italy to be the second fastest growing market in 2009 and this growth has continued to increase exponentially. Questions about the solar market and the decision to adjust the FIT led to additional growth as solar developers tried to complete projects ahead of incentive reduction deadlines. The latest policies, announced in May, are expected to help stabilize the growth of the market, reduce the strain to the utilities and T&D to incorporate this new capacity and create a sustainable market while continuing to support Italy’s energy and economic development goals.

This webinar will touch on issues including: the role of utilities, solar technology deployment and the impacts of high-penetration, interconnection and transmission, smart grid and solar incentives.

The presentation will highlight the information provided in the official Fact Finding Mission Report which will be provided to all webinar registrants.

Speaker(s): Bob Gibson, VP of Market Intelligence, SEPA; Nadav Enbar, Senior Project Manager, Electric Power Research Institute

Cost: Free to SEPA Members and Media (subject to verification); $199 Non-members

Target Audience: Utility planning, renewable energy project managers, policy staff, transmission and distribution staff, solar project developers.


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